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Lake Shalom

Contour Map of Lake Shalom

Green is from 20 to 30 meters below sea level, blue is 30 to 50mbsl, violet is 50 to 60 mbsl. The dam will extend from 240300 X 627200 southeast to 241300 X 626700. The tunnel outlet will be at 239700 X 626500.

Surface area of the lake will be about 5,290,000 square meters. Daily tunnel flow at thirty meters below sea level will be about 21,168,000 cubic meters. The daily tide from power production will be about three meters, with the lowest elevation coming in the afternoon, and refilling overnight. This daily tidal action will produce a Med Sea beach effect upon the shoreline. Adaptable vegetation will grow in areas that are not covered by hauled in sand. Med Sea marine life will flourish in this lake.

This lake filled with water from the Med Sea, about 15 kilometers from Jerusalem, will enable the location of housing developments and recreational developments, utilizing potable water from a 250 million cubic meters per year Sea Water Reverse Osmosis desalination plant that will produce potable water at a cost of $.51 per cubic meter. The potential energy value, were the water to go to the Dead Sea, of each cubic meter at the reservoir is about $.10. Therefore, water removed by desalination at this point should pay a transport charge to the Dead Sea Power Project of $.10 per cubic meter, making the total price of desalinated water at the reservoir desalination plant $.61 per cubic meter. This water can be distributed to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, and other areas of the West Bank.